Georgian bill of sale for the Talbot Hotel, Malton, Yorkshire

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A rare surving original bill of sale from the Husband's restaurant, Talbot Hotel, Malton in Yorkshire.    The bill, dating to around 1800-1820, shows that on the day 5 people were eating and drank £2 2 shillings worth of wine (about £167 by our calculations today) and 2 s 6 d worth of fruit.   The receipt shows that guests could stay at the hotel and pay for a fire to be set in their room, pay for horses and corn, their servants's food or ale and a porter.

The watermark of RH is not visible on the original document.  We only use this as previously rare documents have been by copied from our websites and reproduced without permission.

The receipts were printed George Sagg, a printer and bookseller in the 18th and early 19th century.

In a later frame.

Measuring:  Frame 15 cm x 20 cm

English, Yorkshire, c. 1800-1820