Victorian chest in original paint Stanley Pickford. Oldham

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A Victorian pine chest in the original time worn paint with dovetail joints and iron corner braces.   The former owner, Stanley Pickford (1891-1935), had his name painted over earlier paint to the chest where faint earlier lettering reading 'Oldham Troop' can be seen below Pickford's.   Pickford was the son of an Oldham cotton mill manager and during the First World War, as a 2nd Liutenant, Stanley Pickford was a 'Balloon Officer' on the western front.  Balloon officers were concerned with observation balloons and were the first to use parachutes.   

Pickford probably had his name overpainted on the chest some time around 1910-1915.  The lettering of his name is now also beautifully time worn.  

Pickford survived the war returning to the family cotton mill and he died in 1935 at the age of 46.

Measuring: 69 cm x 43 cm x 44 cm high

 English, late 19th century