A large 19th century portrait of a ship's captain

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A large and impressive mid 19th century portrait of a ship's captain holding his telescope.  As often is the case with portraits of the period,  items being held by the sitter had special significance, often to their profession.  Here the artist has all the bases covered showing his nautical charts aswell as ships to background, and his telescope.   Often with provincial portaits the telescope suffices as a symobol of his profession -  to find all three is particularly pleasing.    The portait is in untouched condition have historically been relined.   There is a small amount of paint loss to the bottom and it would benfit from a cleaner.  There is craqulere consistent with the age and some blooming to the varnish with marks in the varnish to the right of the sitter.

We specilaise in portraits of this size of ship's captains  do not regulalrly come to market.   This is the largest portrait - at 3 feet tall - of a ship's captain we can recall handling in the last ten years.

Half length oil on canvas, unframed,would benefit from cleaning.

British, c. 1860

Measuring: 92 cm x 73.5 cm (Approx 36" x 29")