Naive portrait of Robert Spearman Swinburne believed by Lt General Thomas Robert Swinburne - Battle of Waterloo

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A naive and unsual portrait, ink and watercolour, of a three year old Robert Spearman Swinburne aged 3 years and two days.    Robert was the son of Lt Gen Thomas Robert Swinburne who fought alongside Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo.   

Lt General Thomas Robert Swinburne was described as a gifted amateur artist and we believe Swinburne to be the artist in this case.

Thomas Robert Swinburne was born in March 1794 and raised at Pontop Hall, a 17th century manor house in County Durham.  He was the eldest son of Thomas Swinburne (d.1825) and his wife, Charlotte Spearman.

In June 1813 he became an Ensign in the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards. He was at the Battle of Waterloo at Quatre Bras and survived uninjured. He was also at the Siege of Peronne. In December 1816 he was promoted to Captain and transferred to the 3rd Dragoon Guards. He became Lt Colonel in 1838 and Brevet Colonel in 1851. He was Major General in 1857 and Lt General shortly before death.


He retired to Edingburgh. He died there on 29 February 1864.

We have acquired an example of Swinburne's handwriting from a separate source and this is shown in the images.

To hold something held by someone who served at The Battle of Waterloo is quite  an experience to behold.

The subject, Robert Spearman Swinburne, was born in April 1828 and served as an amrty officer in the 54th Regt.   Quite why his father chose to portray him with a beard, is unclear, perhaps after his own appearance.  He died of a fever in August 1847 aged just 19 in Kinsale Barracks, Ireland.


Unframed: 18 cm x 12 cm

English, 1828