Early 19th c waterfall bookcase of smaller proportions

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Standing at just 92 cm this table top bookcase retains the original decoration including original date of 1841, and decoration to all drawers.  The slightly later 19th century finish, applied probably somewhere around 1870, has not entirely obscured the oiginal painted decoration.   

The waterfall description describes the profile of the sides of such pieces.    The style is very much Regency but the original painted date shows this falls just outside the Regency period by a very few years - demonstrating that styles obvioulsy did not end with the death of a Monarch, but carried on until fashions changed more widely.   The handles on all of the drawers are original but the lock on the bottom drawer has been removed.

The textured paint finish is particularly pleasing.  There is a shinkage crack on the back panel, which does not stretch the entire height of the piece, which is due to the original timber drying out.


Measuring: 92 cm high, 61.5 cm wide x 25 cm deep at base