'The Portraiture of Lamprey', Engraving by Richard Houston (1721-1775)

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After James Seymour (c.1702-1752) 'The Portraiture of Lamprey', a mezzotint engraving by Richard Houston (1721-1775).

The George III engraving is of the racehorse Lamprey owned by Sir Wiliam Morgan, who built Tredegar House near Newport.  Morgan owned 75 horses, one of which the was the grey 'Lamprey',  who rode with great success.

Houston was born in Dublin about 1721 he came to London about 1747, and some of his early plates bear the address "near Drummond's at Charing Cross".

In debt in his career he was arrested and confined to the Fleet Prison.  He was released in 1760, on the accession of George III. 

Houston died in Hetton Street, London, on 4 August 1775, aged 54.

The mozzotint engraving dates to the 18th century.   It has historically suffered damp and some nibbles, but its charm, including the beuatfiul time worn finish to the period frame, is undoubted.


Measuring:  43 cm x 38 cm (frame)

English, mid 18th century