19th century Cholmley School sign, Whitby

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A wooden sign from Cholmley School, Whitby dating to around 1880. In 1890 the school was described thus: "Cholmley School is a neat building in Church Street, providing accommodation for 175. It was erected by the late Mrs. Hannah Cholmley as a memorial to her husband, Colonel George Cholmley, of Whitby Abbey and Howsham. The endowment also supports a scripture reader. There are 15 free scholars. Average for last year was 168; number on books, 190; Miss A. E. Stephenson, schoolmistress. A seamen's mission service is held here every Sunday, a mother's meeting on Wednesday, and on Sundays a school. There is a library of 300 volumes for the use of the scholars."

The sign hung outside the school informing of the seaman's mission service each sunday. Whitby is an historic fishing port which retains close links to the sea and its fisherman to this day.  The moulding is a later addition.

Measuring: 62 cm x 37 cm

English, Whitby, c. 1880