English school portrait of Mary Morris of Shropshire 1839

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A charming 19th century English school portait of Mary Morris of Burley, Culmington, Shropshire.   Mary Morris (nee Dunne) was born in 1796 and died in 1850.   Unusually for a provincial English school both the subject and the artist are named verso - viz. E.W. Giles.   We love the charm of Giles's simplistic style. Portraits of this period and style work particularly well in a setting with both country furniture and folk art.   Mary holds her spectacles in her hand, which, we are advised, are probably earlier than the date of the portrait, probably late Georgian suggesting Mary had these either as hand-me-downs or had them in her posession for a number of years.   The canvas is untouched with two small holes which we have left unrestored as we prefer the originality of the piece.  We could arrange restoration of these, should this be required,  by seperate negotiation.   

Mary Dunne was born in 1763 in Culmington, Shropshire.  She married Benjamin Morris on 17th April 1796.  By 1841 Mary was widowed and by then had her children Hannah, Mary, Martha and Thomas living with her.  There were also several servants in her houesold.  Fanny Thomas 35, Susuan Jones 15, Farm servants, William Richards 25, Samuel Smith 25,William Hile(?) 15, Richard Pritchard 10 and William Russell 10, agricultural labourers. 

Mary died on 5th January 1850.

Oil on canvas, half length, in a later frame.

Measuring:  64 cm x 52 cm (canvas)

English, Culmington, Shropshire 1839