Extremely rare original 18th century English pickpocket notice

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SOLD - An extremely rare, possibly now unique, late 18th century Georgian pickpocket warning

The notice warns the public:   "Be aware of Pick-Pockets, in a crowd; if you are justled on one side, look sharp on the other, first seize the thief on the pocket-side, then the hustler on the other, and also the marcher off, and carry them before a Magistrate to be examined; if the offenders are not easily to be taken, call the assistance of the people to stop the thieves".    Handwritten to the bottom 'Newcastle on Tyne, very old public notice".

It is likely this is the only remaining survivor of such notices printed at the time.   The paper shows old fold marks.

Such notices were displayed in taverns.

The frame measures 35.5 cm wide x 47.5cm and the paper itself measures: 20.5 cm x 32 cm.

English, c. 1780

Provenance: private collection