Metropolitan Police Watcombe Pottery terracotta plate Police Constable 81807 Gay

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Watcombe Pottery Terracotta Plate, circular plate with hand painted floral scene and dedication panel to “81807 Constable Worthy William Gay” 28th December 1896, signed by the commissioner of Police and also signed by the artist G Tendean “99”. Watcombe Torquay stamp to the reverse  “Watcombe Pottery. Watcombe Pottery”, originally known as The Watcombe Terra-Cotta Clay Company, was started by G J Allen in 1871 to use the red clay found around the area of Torquay in Devon. The new pottery was known as Royal Aller Vale & Watcombe Co. The company continued to produce pottery until 1962. 


Measuring: 29.5 cm diameter 

English, Devon 

19th century