Mid 19th century French shop desk from an antiques dealer's shop

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A truly splendid mid 19th century desk that had that had been in regular use in a French antiques dealer's shop near Duras, south west France for many years.

The desk displays signs of the original paint and has a slot cut in the top of the desk where he would drop the customer's money when he sold something.   The drawer has a lock, sadly the original keys are long gone, and the replacement is there to assist opening the drawer rather than lock it.   To the left and right are more drawers.  The top has pigeon holes with more opening drawers.  The top sits on the desk, and is original to the piece, but can be lifted off to move the desk.

This is a truly orignal piece in lovely original untouched condition.

South West France c. 1850

Measuring: 116cm wide, 109 cm high, 75 cm deep, 73.5cm to top of table, 56 cm to bottom of centre drawer.