Miniature of a Royal Navy ship's captain by Charles Foot Tayler c. 1820

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A delightful miniature on ivory of a Royal navy ship's captain, his ship to background.   The miniature - rtaher unusually -  still contains the business card of the artist and his own handwriting - Mr C F Tayler and his address in Bath, ovewritten from the previous Oxford Row address.  He were see that Mr Tayler is "At home between the hours of ten and twelve".      The original Morocco leather case holds the portrait in its original glass - which is in fine condition - but the top hing has brken free from the case.  We offer this in unrestored contion in relation  to the hinge.

Charles Foot Tayler (sometimes Taylor - 1794-1853) was a noted painter of miniatures.  Several of his works are in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.  He also exhibited at the Royal Academy, London.  Tayler was said to be exceeddingly accurate in the depiction of his sitters.   He was active on the Isle of Wight and also Bath in Somerset.


Provenance: From an Irish country house

Measuring:  15 cm x 12cm

English, c. 1820