Portrait of a Mrs Beaton of Sudeley, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire

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It is unusual to find an English school portriat of the period to have the sitter's name  recorded on the front of the portrait.    This half length oil on canvas depicts Mrs Beaton of Sudeley, Winchcombe, Glouesctershire in 1871.   We rather like her face, and even more, her slightly up turned nose.    Traces of Mrs Beaton in Sudeley at the time are frustratingly elusive in the usual records.   Perhaps she was visiting Sudeley castle not far from Winchcombe as there are few references to Sudeley beyond the castle and very few residences.   The portrait appears to have been cleaned in the not too distant past and the (probably) frame repainted in gilt finish. Old patches to canvas with old repairs.


Measuring (canvas: 53 cm x 63cm, Frame 65 cm x 75 cm)

English, 1871