Portrait of an American botanist or herbalist c. 1830

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In its original rosewood  veneer frame an early 19th century American school portrait of a gentleman holding a small cutting of a plant.   The naive quailty is typical of American school portraits of the early 19th century   With such portraits the item being held by the subject was invariably symbolic, often relating to their occupation.

The portrait is untouched by us and has craquleure to the sitter's face.   The early varnish could be removed by a professional restorer, but we rather like the untouched quaility of the piece, and we leave that to any potential purchaser's personal preference.

Provenance: From a private collection

Measuring: Frame - 55 cm wide (21.5") x 67 cm high (26.5")   x 5 cm deep (2")

                   Canvas: 38 cm (15") x 48.5 cm (19")

American school, c. 1830