Rare Scottish blacksmith made fireside fender by Joseph Heughan of Auchencairn

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A rare and unsual blacksmith made iron fireside fender that thanks to the skills of the craftsman, we not only know when it was made but also by whom and where.

The maker, Joseph Heughan of Auchencairn, Scotland,  was the village blacksmith who was born in Auchencairn in 1837 and died in 1902.  Heughan was a self-taught classical scholar, poet, writer and master craftsman and acquired skills as a book binder, stone mason and silversmith.

His son took over as village blacksmith and left his house and forge to the community.  There is a plaque to Heughan in the village.

The fender is inscribed 'Joseph Heughan fecit AD 1901'  and to the front 'God reigneth let the earth be good'.

Some examples of Heughan's work can be found in The Stewatry Museum in Kirkcudbright.

A delightful piece of Scottish folk art.


Measuring: 120 cm wide x 27 cm deep x 11 cm high

Auchencairn, Scotland, 1901