West Country ship's half hull model Kitto's ship yard in Porthleven

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Dating to 1912 this original half hull model was made in the well known Kitto's boatbuilder's yard in Porthleven, Cornwall.   At the end of the 19th century, Porthleven was an extremely busy port, with Kitto’s employing over 100 shipwrights and subsidiary trades from within the village and district. Timber was obtained mainly from the estate at Trelowarren and, occasionally by coastal route from Exeter and Southampton.    Half hull model ships were constructed by shipwrights as a means of planning a ship's design and sheer and ensuring that the ship would be symmetrical. The half hulls were mounted on a board and were exact scale replicas of the actual ship's hull.  This was includes the original scale measurements to the top and lovely graining to the planks.


This model was of a ship form 1912 that was designed to travel through the French canals.


Measuring: 78cm wide by 17 cm high

English, Cornwall, 1912